Saturday, March 30, 2013

10 Most Rarest and Expensive Coins in the World

Coin collecting is a hobby to many people; while some engage in collecting coins that are beautiful and others collect them depending on their historical significance. Old and rarity of the coin hold more importance than the printed value on it. This may lead a curious person to ask, what are the most expensive coins in the world?

We have come up with 10 such expensive coins in the world, as listed out by Bornrich -

1. Flowing Hair Dollar

Price: $7.85 Million

Flowing Hair Dollar is the top most expensive coin in the world which was sold for $7,850,000. Its size and weight were based on Spanish dollar, which was popular in American trade then.

This master piece was designed in 1794 and again in 1795 by Robert Scot and it valued 2 cents according to United States Dollar then. Steven L. Contursi, President of Rare Coin Wholesalers said that this coin was a “National Treasure” and that he was proud to have been its "custodian" since 2003.

2. 1933 Double Eagle

Price: $7.59 Million

The U.S. Gold Double Eagle Coin is the second most expensive coin which was minted in 1933. Reports say that 445,500 Double Eagle coins had been minted but none of them were released officially for circulation due to the discontinuance of the domestic gold standard in 1933.

Marc Pachter of the National Museum of American History said that “The U.S. Gold Double Eagle Coin proved to be the symbol of struggle in Global Economy”, as quoted by Bronrich. The coin got sold for $7.59 million in an auction.

3. Rare Edward III

Price: $6.80 Million

The Edward III double florin is claimed to be the 3rd most expensive coin in the world. Its inscription consisted of a king seated holding the globe and scepter, with two leopards beside him and a canopy overhead which clearly showed Edward III, the king of England. It was auctioned for £460,000 (approx: $6.80 million) at the Spink auction house. The coin was in circulation from 1343 to 1344, as this was considered overvalued, because its face value was more than the value of gold.

4.1804 Silver Dollar

Price: $4.14 Million

This 1804 Silver Dollar is the rarest American Dollar and is regarded to be the 4th most expensive coin in the world. This coin was displayed as part of the King of Siam’s collection, where it was named as “The King of Coins”. In 2001, this expensive coin was purchased by a coin collector. The anonymous collector also brought all the coins that existed at the time of King of Siam for $4.14 million.

5. Queen Elizabeth II

Price: $4 Million

Queen Elizabeth II is the world’s largest Gold coin weighing about 100 kilos and is 53 centimeters in diameter, with the purity rate of 99.999 percent (purest Gold according to market). The coin has the face value of $1 million dollars which is lesser than the actual value of the coin’s materials. The inscription on this coin consists of maple leaves and Queen Elizabeth II. At the back of this coin is the American national symbol.

6. 1804 Class I Silver Dollar from Queller's Collection

Sold for: $3,737,500

This coin comes under 1804 Silver Dollar collections from King of Siam that is mentioned earlier. Only 15 of this silver dollar were minted in 1834. Records show that due to its rarity that that due to its nature of rarity, some of the coins had been sold for high dollar figures. Anyhow, the coin was sold for $3,737,500 in 2010, which has been claimed as one of the world's most expensive coins.

7. 1913 Liberty Head Nickel

Price: $3,700,000

The 1913 Liberty Head nickel is an American five-cent piece which was produced in extremely limited quantities unauthorized by the United States Mint, making it one of the best-known and most coveted rarities in American numismatics. In 1972, one specimen of the five cent coin became the first coin to command a price of $100,000; in 1996, another specimen became the first to break the million dollar barrier. It is also rumored that if one were to be found in perfect condition, it could be worth over $20,000,000. In 2003 one coin was sold for almost $3 million. In 2010, the Olsen piece sold for $3.7 million at a public auction. Only five examples are known to exist: two in museums and three in private collections.

8. Brasher Doubloon EB on Breast

Price: $2,990,000

Brasher Doubloon EB on Breast claims to be the 8th most expensive coin in the world. This golden coin was minted in 1787. Ephraim Brasher a goldsmith and a silversmith was offered to make the gold coins, with unique specimen bearing his hallmark EB on the eagle's breast is certainly among the most desirable American coins. The coin was sold in 1981 for $625,000 at a public auction, and finally got sold for $2,990,000.

9. Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

Price: $2,990,000

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle was named after its designer and sculpture Augustus Saint-Gaudens. This American coin is one of the most expensive coins in the world. The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle was first issued in 1850.

The value of this coin was 20 dollars and it was minted from 1907–1933 made of 90 percent gold. The inscription consists of, Liberty holding torch and olive branch, at this back it consists of rays of sun. This coin was sold at $2,990,000 U.S. Dollars.

10. Brasher Doubloon EB on Wing

Price: $2,415,000

Brasher Doubloon EB on Wing was also minted in 1787 like Brasher Doubloon EB on Breast. The sign “EB” is printed on the breast of the latter whereas in the former one, the sign was printed on eagle’s wing.

Apart from this list of coins, there are a number of other coins known for their exceptional high value like - Earliest Saudi gold dinar from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Pedro I coronation coin and Most Expensive Australian “Holey Dollar”.